Digital money done right!

Take control of your banking in a few minutes. Open a Current Account with an IBAN number, Send and Receive money globally, Spend and Withdraw Cash from any location worldwide displaying the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark. Easy, Cheap and Secure!

Powerfull App to manage your Money

  • One App for all your needs

    Running on Android and iOS, the Excelon App is always with you to help you manage your financials and spending. All App features are available in the mobile version so you will never need a PC to access you account.

  • Powerfull functionality

    Order, Topup and manage your Cards so you always know what you spend. Execute payments through wire transfers instantly.

  • Excelon MasterCard® Management

    Transfer funds from a card to another card, request your PIN, block and report stolen and many more functionalities at your fingertips

  • Safe and Easy

    Built with the highest security standards and with an intuitive and easy to understand interface, the Excelon App lets you control your money easily and with extreme safety

A powerfull Mastercard®

We have developed a powefull solution to help you in all the aspects of your personal banking with ease, security and competitive fees.

Fully Regulated

Authorized operation of E-Money Institution from FCA UK

IBAN Account

With every card you get a fully operating E-Money account with your own IBAN number to send and receive payments

Prepaid/ Contactless Mastercard®

Up to 4 cards per individual with loading capacity of Euro 100K per year each

SEPA and International Wire Transfers

Send and receive funds directly from your IBAN

Very Friendly Fees

Competitive fees that will out outperform any competitive solution

Card to Card Transfer

Direct transfers from a Card to another card almost in real time

What you can do with an Excelon Account

Withdraw Cash from any ATM

You can withdraw Cash at more than 2.1 million ATM locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark.

Ideal for Everyone

Freelancer? Traveller? Student? Ex-Pat? Shopper? Excelon is here for all of you and even more!

Enjoy 0% Fees on shopping

Use your Excelon Prepaid Mastercard® in at over 36.9 million locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark and on the Internet and buy goods without paying any fee!

Load up to €400,000 per year

Hold up to 4 cards of €100,000 loading limit

Get a payment IBAN Account

Get an IBAN Account with each Excelon Prepaid Mastercard® to receive and pay money to anyone globally.

Instant Topup

Topup with Wire Transfer, Debit and E-Money Voucher instantly.

Card to Card payments

Send money to other Cards in real time

Money management

Manage your spending with the Excelon App. Receive notifications and reports on all your transactions so you are always informed.

Secure and simple

More secure and convenient than either cash or cheques.